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vineri, 1 ianuarie 2010

This is it!

And I'm just wondering baby
What's the reason why lately
You've been acting so cold
Is it something that I did?
Or it's nothing?
Or is it me who lives
With the impresiion that someting's wrong?
Cause I'm feeling like goin' crazy

When you're not around.
All I want you to see
It's that you've changed me...
I want you to see that
You bring out the need in me!
And it feells diffrent,
Diffrent like it was before now,
And I'm just trying to figure how
I could bring you on the line
Cause baby I really want you mine!
And I know it's hard to be yourself again
When something made you fall and then
You think it's hard to refresh it
And you think you can't trust again
But baby I'm feeling the same..
And I want this time to be right
Cause you're that guy that really makes me smile.
And I'm confused about the future and the past
So tell me is it love or is it lust?
I know I'm strange sometimes
Because I can see it in your eyes
When you're trying to understand me
But baby you try!
And that's why
I think I'm startin' to fall for you
And you know fallin' in love
It wasn't in my plan....
But it feells so damn right to do it
That I never felt till now!
So answer me one question:
Is it wrong or good to make it?

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