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miercuri, 25 mai 2011

One day

One day I'm gonna leave this city, buy a ticket with no direction in particular, just were it seems right to go, tumble up in a plane and fly over the city lights and crowd. No air, just relaxin' in the chair, no regrets, just the wonderin' feeling if or if I will not miss those eyes, wondering if it's good or is it bad to leave with no reason when you feel to. See the clouds from the other side, everything blue, fluffy and make you swallow from all the things you're runing, so much to see, so much to feel...And after a moment you're fallin' asleep dreamin' of what could it be and it's not.
Arrive in a bigger city than you're own, move up and down the streets, chasing up the cars, meet new people, make friends, enjoy everything, crazy laughts, dancing in a cold weather with warm splashes, which makes you chilli, mount a towering building's stairs from where you could see all the lights that are strongly kinda eats you, dazzle you, make you feel so free...freedom...such a complex word with just one simple feeling. And then, suddenly, one question narrow my mind: when I am free? Living this or standing in your warm arms? BANG! Gotch' ya! Straight to the heart it hit. Next move? Unwind this film, take a cab, go to the airport, buy a home ticket. Beat impatient with fingers in chair armrest's, ask at every 10 minutes how much longer is it takes to fullfil the destination, try to call you at least 100 times, and when the plane finally is landing I should run so fast not to catch the line, so that I could in 10 minutes to find my car, go up in it and go straight to your place.
I found you! Embrace you, take you by your hand, rolle back to the airport, to that city, on that building so we can watch together those lights, and together feel free as one, 'cus with you for me there always tomorrow, there's a home, there's joy, kindness and love which puts you back on track to rewind the best movie of your life that ever ever exists and the power of it that guides you to a so little to say splendid feeling.

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